K. Lisbeth Photography

I’m alive! (I know you were worried.)

I haven’t been writing much lately due to a large change in where I’m focusing my creativity. (Although, let’s be honest here…I wasn’t writing much anyways.)

Introducing… K. Lisbeth Photography!

2014.3.21 Cru (5 of 58) 2013.3.31 Jake and Amanda (51 of 105) Hoyt Arboretum (1 of 1)

I’ve begun teaching myself how to use my camera, edit, and get the look I want in my photos. It’s a blast…I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner! Right now I’m working to build clientele. I have a crazy affordable Groupon deal going right now. Check it out! Tell your friends! I would love to take your photos!

Contact me through:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/klisbethphotography

Email: kaishabannon@gmail.com

Phone: (360)927-7493


short post of a list

this is a list of things i did this week that you probably don’t care about:

1. i chose about 9 pumpkins before i just stuck with one

2. i just made granola

3. the floor needs sweeping

4. i bought a striped t-shirt and am wearing it now

5. there’s a painting i’m procrastinating on alot

6. second trip to the zoo

7. i showed a 6 year old my wedding pictures

8. i talked a whole paragraph on the subject of rice and cheese in a british accent

9. justin bieber is stuck in my head

10. homemade baby donuts were eaten

11. there’s mud on my boots

12. i’m doing this because i don’t want to make a grocery list

13. had a phone date with my mum

the end


life in no particular order

1. made pumpkin pancakes and sprayed whipped cream all over the wall. i won’t say who did it. but it was in his beard too.

2. went to fancy fancy dinner to celebrate scoring the nanny job

3. took pictures of ‘the face’…this is only one of many faces that were photographed

4. biked down a trail around a miniature lake

5. just for his credit…this is about the only face i can make…

6. had difficulty with the self-portraits…also wore big earrings for the first time ever

7. worked on becoming better at taking pictures of life

8. saw the coast

9. watched cheese get packaged on assembly line

10. hung out everyday with these new friends