K. Lisbeth Photography

I’m alive! (I know you were worried.)

I haven’t been writing much lately due to a large change in where I’m focusing my creativity. (Although, let’s be honest here…I wasn’t writing much anyways.)

Introducing… K. Lisbeth Photography!

2014.3.21 Cru (5 of 58) 2013.3.31 Jake and Amanda (51 of 105) Hoyt Arboretum (1 of 1)

I’ve begun teaching myself how to use my camera, edit, and get the look I want in my photos. It’s a blast…I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner! Right now I’m working to build clientele. I have a crazy affordable Groupon deal going right now. Check it out! Tell your friends! I would love to take your photos!

Contact me through:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/klisbethphotography

Email: kaishabannon@gmail.com

Phone: (360)927-7493


bad blogger

To state the obvious….I’m a bad blogger. I know it. You know it. Maybe if I stopped stressing about being a good blogger I’d stop being such a horrendous one. Ah well. I need to not care so much about things, because when I do they consequentially don’t get done.

My piano teacher once told me I was a perfectionist. And it’s true. I’ve just learned to ignore it most of the time and choose imperfection. It’s funny: if I make a conscious choice to let things turn out the way they do and not trash it when it doesn’t compare to God, heaven, and the garden of Eden, they seem to turn out better. Probably not in reality. But my attitude changes and I snicker at my mistakes and let my creativity be human.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve gone too far the other way and have started not to care enough. Possibly. But for now it’s better than the alternative.

So maybe I need to bring this approach to my blog. Just write. And let it be what it is.

i have no idea what this post is about. i felt the need to be a more consistent blogger…so I opened it up and wrote

The summer has been different. Good different. Also bad different.

Mostly because I transitioned from nannying four hours a day every day; to ten hrs a day, two weeks on, two weeks off. My work days are now opposite of Cody’s, so we essentially don’t see during the week. Which feels completely stupid.

On the other hand, the two weeks off have given me all sorts of time to visit people and be crafty. The craftiness isn’t going quite as I had planned. But the visiting has gone superb. I spent two nights with my dad and baby sisters. Then two nights in my hometown visiting five or so friends and some family too. Then a whopping nine day trip out to Montana to go on vacation with my mom, step-dad, and family, where I contracted the most impressive tan ever. I’ve also had a visit from my grandma, a visit from my mom and sister planned, a hopeful camping trip with my dad and another hometown trip in the works.

It’s been crazy. Which is good. It distracts me from my sad little self…usually. I found myself fighting tears for two days straight while on vacation with my family. Frustrating to say the least…sun, boating, tubing, and sisters should do the trick right? It reminds me that my depression is real. It’s not drama. It’s not overreacting. It’s life and me and my hard thing right now.

I start to feel like there is something wrong with me. I must be brain damaged. Or sick and delusional. Or crazy out of this world selfish. I beg Cody through tears to tell me what’s wrong with me. His answer is always: ‘Nothing. It’s ok for you to feel sad. It’s normal. Stop telling yourself there’s something wrong with you, because there’s not. Everything’s ok. You’re ok and God is good.’ I really should tattoo that on my arm so that the poor guy doesn’t have to repeat it so often. And I hope I figure it out someday for real. I hope it sinks in so that I don’t panic when I can’t reverse my sadness. But for now Cody will just have to repeat it.



If you think about it honestly…who really wants to sing to harp music and be blinded by golden streets for eternity. It’s definitely better than the other option but still…as much as I am ecstatic be with Jesus, I will admit the traditional picture of heaven gives me the yawns.

I really don’t think this is what heaven will be like at all. God created us with the built in desire to create, imagine, work, and socialize. This was part of life before things went wrong in the beginning, and I’m fairly certain these human traits won’t just vanish in the end either.

I’ve always imagined heaven more like C.S. Lewis describes it in the last Narnia book. Narnia heaven has the same geography as the old Narnia…everything is just so much magnificently better! Who knows what it will exactly be like. But I’m fairly certain that when Christ comes back to establish his perfect kingdom…it’s going to look like he intended it to look like in the beginning: his people living in unity creating and working and building for him. Only this time we won’t have the option to mess it up.

strategizing with christmas cheer

fact: Cody is a Christmas hater (due to no fault of his own).

fact: Kaisha is a Chrstmas Eve baby and lover of all things red, sparkly, and full of sappy Christmas nostalgia.

Kaisha’s conclusion: carefully plan and execute her Christmas cheer in such a way as to break through the gloom of a Cody December.

plan: homemade ornaments. cinnamon rolls. chicken, brussels sprouts, and wine. gifts he wants…not gifts i think are snazzy therefore he also should think they are snazzy. purpose to be unashamed of your own love for Christmas.

execute: don’t get pushy with the Christmas music and movies. do nice stuff for other people together. don’t be offended when he hates on ‘Santa Baby’ for 5 minutes…if it didn’t have magical Christmas spells on it you’d hate it too. be excited no matter what.

result: Kaisha makes the best cinnamon rolls in the world!!!!!! (specifically a small unnamed town renown for it’s cinnamon roll making mothers.)

oh..and it was Cody’s best Christmas ever.



there is a very large piece of me that is ashamed to admit that i’m addicted to pinterest. but there’s also a very truthful piece of me that realizes the extreme helpfulness of pinterest. i have gotten hair ideas, decorating ideas, crafts, art inspiration, and tons of super good recipes off it. and the thing is i actually do stuff with the ideas. so it’s not actually a waste of time.

point of all that being: i found a cool bed idea that i wanted to try. our apartment is pretty snazzied up. it looks decorated and lived in. except the bedroom. we’ve got a matress on the floor with covers that just never look neat no matter how hard i try (so i don’t try very often), a beat up marvelous green dresser which i love, and cody’s desk stacked with bills and insurance muck. (many thanks to him for dealing with that stuff, by the way. i get instantly lost on insurance. partly cuz insurance guys talk to fast, and partly cuz they speak insurance language. i am only familiar with the sounds of the insurance language words, but not the meanings.)

point of that being: the bedroom sucks as far as cuteness and creativity. then i came across this interesting idea on pinterest. you take pallets and paint them and then just put your mattress on top. it sounds weird…but trust me it looks cool. it’s sort of rusticy but with neutral colors it’s classy and if you add cool texture to the bed covers could be fabulous.

so i showed cody and he thought about it and decided it was a grand idea. he went on the craigslist free section and wrote down addresses of places that had free pallets in order from closest to home to farthest from home. he’s smart.

and we set off in my gas chugging little car to travel the city in search of free pallets. we found new cute parts of town. we stopped at an interesting store that was closing. i couldn’t tell if it was an antique store, a used furniture store, or what. but i liked it. we found 2 pallets in a very small space under a parking garage. but no one else had good ones. or else they didn’t have them at all. or else they were locked behind a fence.

we needed more pallets but we had exhausted our options so as we were driving away from our last destination i spotted a krispy kream and suggested donuts. cody wanted coffee, but not krispy kream coffee. probably gross. so we also got starbucks which is much better and perfect for fulfilling all coffee needs.

so we drove home from our quest with 2 pallets, coffee, a jelly donut for me and a very large box of 20 donut holes for cody. he had to get 20 because he knows that i tend to say i don’t want more, but then eat all his. which i did.

a month

yesterday was a month since we got married…which is weird. it seems like it’s only a been week or so.

after the vacuum incident i have been trying to channel my moments of boredness into creative things. so on tuesday i tried painting for the first time ever. and because it was an anniversary of sorts the next day, i painted it for cody.

and i realized that painting isn’t nearly so hard as i thought. i had this impression that you smear paint on a canvas and it’s all the sudden permanent and you can’t fix mistakes. (erasers are my best buddies) but as a matter a fact you can just smear more paint over mistakes as many times as you want until it looks ok. pretty neato.

a different story is that my poor man is welding in 106 degree weather right now. how fun is that?