this is me. my good friends call me ‘kaish.’ that’s how i can tell when an acquaintance becomes a good friend.

i’m married to the best man in the world. he deserves that title very much. he even allowed me the privilege of sharing his last name and following him around for the rest of his life. that makes him brave and wonderful among many other great things.

i have lived in and loved a particular corner of the northwest for some time. but following the best man in the world means leaving…which gives my frightened adventurous little soul chills. good ones.

i’m fond of baked sweet things, teal, large letters hung on walls, coffee, and books. i firmly believe in the usefulness of bananas in all hungry situations. i tend to be in great danger of falling in love with quilts, the color blue, and anything that’s old and worn out. to me a good time means eating strawberries at the park and then looking at antique shops. plus coffee at some point.

sometimes in the midst of my love for the many worn out things on earth, and life with the best man in the world, i forget the big things for a minute. but jesus is really my first love and by far the best man in history. he has used the worst times to teach me bits about love and forgiveness. each hurt and tear has been worth his lessons. he has given me everything. i live life to learn him and his character and to live and talk like i do so that all these people can see him and be given everything, just like me.


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