‘Jesus died to save me from my sin.’

It’s the stereotypical sunday school gospel. It’s the first thing that pops into my head when I think ‘Gospel.’

Which is really unfortunate because it’s not exactly true. It’s only a smidgen of the truth. Sure Jesus saved me from my sin…from myself…from my terribly twisted attitudes and actions. I believe that one hundred percent.

But what about all the pain in my heart that’s not my fault? Because there really truly are times when my brokenness is the result of someone else’s sin, or just a side effect of living on a messed up earth.

I think Jesus died for more than forgiveness. More than “you’re off the hook for that rotten thing you said the other day.”

He died for redemption. For the restoration of the entire world to what he originally intended it to be. He died to reverse the downward spiral humanity is on.

And that includes the redemption of my heart. From everything it’s done and everything that’s been done to it. He died to return my broken heart and life to something beautiful, purely reflecting him.

So maybe sanctification is bigger than me acting and talking like Jesus. Maybe it’s just as much the way he gives me peace, hope, and joy, slowly reversing not just my terrible attitudes, but also the ravaging effect a torn and bleeding world has had on my soul. And maybe my part in that is to let it show. To live in a gracious honest way so that people near me can sense in my heart the beginnings of redemption and life being made whole.


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