and another reason

Another reason I should never feel inadequate:

God sees me as perfect. He made my personality quiet and shy, my body shape thin with wide hips, my temperament melancholy, my hair uncontrollable, my heart kind, my teeth slightly crooked, and my facial features small…the way he thought was perfect. On top of that, he sent his son to die for me so that when his perfection goes wrong and I start puking sin everywhere, even that is taken away and my whole person is perfect to him. He calls it holy. I am holy.

That’s how God sees me.

But when I am mad because my hair is dumb, or upset because something doesn’t fit me right, or sad because I’m always sad, or angry because I hurt someone, or scared because I’m out of my comfort zone for the 2435479th time that day, I start telling myself that I’m not good enough. For anybody, for anything, for life. And I lie to myself over and over and over, claiming the exact opposite of what God says is true about me.

I claim to know better than God. I claim to know true beauty, because I’m obviously not it. I claim to know what personalities are the best, because it’s obviously not mine. I claim to know what sins will cause the most damage to the world, because they’re definitely mine.

And in the bad attitude and depression I unknowingly claim to be better and wiser than God.


So I need to remind myself when I’m feeling not good enough, that God says I am. And who am I to argue with God?



One thought on “and another reason

  1. I feel like I could have written this post myself. And P. S. Your hair should not be in any inadequate lists. It’s always adorable. Love you!

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