strategizing with christmas cheer

fact: Cody is a Christmas hater (due to no fault of his own).

fact: Kaisha is a Chrstmas Eve baby and lover of all things red, sparkly, and full of sappy Christmas nostalgia.

Kaisha’s conclusion: carefully plan and execute her Christmas cheer in such a way as to break through the gloom of a Cody December.

plan: homemade ornaments. cinnamon rolls. chicken, brussels sprouts, and wine. gifts he wants…not gifts i think are snazzy therefore he also should think they are snazzy. purpose to be unashamed of your own love for Christmas.

execute: don’t get pushy with the Christmas music and movies. do nice stuff for other people together. don’t be offended when he hates on ‘Santa Baby’ for 5 minutes…if it didn’t have magical Christmas spells on it you’d hate it too. be excited no matter what.

result: Kaisha makes the best cinnamon rolls in the world!!!!!! (specifically a small unnamed town renown for it’s cinnamon roll making mothers.)

oh..and it was Cody’s best Christmas ever.



4 thoughts on “strategizing with christmas cheer

  1. And Christmas at the Arend’s is fantastic.

    Cody, one day you too will love Christmas. I promise.

    Oh, and you guys are awesome! Made my day you would come and see us!

  2. Your right darling, it was the best Christmas:) But I still hate Christmas…the fact is, it all gets blurred together with “American” Christmas no matter how hard you try, and I think even all the Christmas lover’s out there can agree that “American” Christmas is worth hating…but I like Jesus Christmas, which basically amounts to the candle light service at church, favorite part…and your cinnamon rolls…

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