what to write?

lately Cody has been encouraging me to get back into writing, which makes me like him alot. but it’s kind of daunting. and it’s sort of that thing where as soon as i think about writing my brain goes blank and i don’t have any intelligent thoughts. that’s why i wrote about nonintelligent blueberries and vacuums.

therefore it is your duty as faithful gallimaufry readers to give me a subject to write about. anything. deep…undeep. boring…unboring. lifeish…unlifeish. theologyish…untheologyish. see? as long as it’s generally appropriate and such.

i would much obliged.


8 thoughts on “what to write?

  1. I think you should write about me. Or better yet….. I know this is a crazy idea, but what if you wrote about… Your wedding. Just a thought

  2. Adventure. I want to read about the little events in your day that turned into adventures because you did your whole super-chill-kaisha thing and accepted whatever it was and just went with it.

  3. write the story of someone you see walking by that says something to you. like someone who seems to always look far ahead. or someone who sits quietly with no one for company. or someone who just does something quirky. you know? what is the story behind their strange actions.

    (also, i always thought it would be fun to write about a quilt or a household item or an antique that has many adventures and retires quietly in the hope chest…)

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